Alfieri & St. John Jewellery

Established in 1977 Breaking the rules of conventional top-end jewellery, Alfieri & St. John has established itself in the luxury jewellery market with masterpieces of unique design and ingenuity.

Alfieri & St. John - I believe in myself.

Alfieri & St. John has always remained true to its heritage becoming the cornerstones of contemporary jewellery using unique ideas, shapes, colours and materials turn into exquisite jewellery. The Alfieri & St. John are energetic collections full of vibrancy and colour, for those who never want to go unnoticed.

The Collections

Each of the Alfieri & St. John collection bears the name of a historic date. Each event is based around cultural and artistic renaissances that have changed the way we perceive the world. The 1954 collection, chosen by Henry D Johnstone Jewellers reflects the extraordinary impact colour television had on the world and now colour is revolutionizing the world of jewellery, thanks to Alfieri & St. John, one of the few able to offer jewellery with vividly-coloured gemstones. Cheerful and niche, this jewellery collection expresses the vibrant joy of life.

18ct white gold diamond set marquise shaped pendant with diamond set trace chain
18ct white gold diamond set marquise shape earrings.
One 18ct white gold diamond set swirl dress ring.
18ct yellow gold swirl pendant with fine trace chain.
The 1954 Collection

Intentionally placed, the 1954 collection features random touches of colour, ethereal gold interwoven with dramatic effect that dazzle the eyes creating an illusion of a waterfall, fireworks or an explosion. The 1954 collection embodies the true essence of the Alfieri & St. John brand, easy to wear, a statement collection that will give any outfit a lift and certainly not easy to overlook.

18ct yellow gold drop loop earrings.
18ct yellow gold twisting loop pendant with oval trace chain.
18ct yellow gold swirl ring
18ct yellow gold wave dress ring.