24th June 2017

Award Winning -Furrer Jacot at The Oscars of The Jewellery Industry


Congratulations to Swiss wedding ring manufacturer Furrer Jacot, who have won this years prestigious award at ‘Couture Las Vegas 2017’. Art Director Lucas Ruppli, at Furrer Jacot, has won the Oscar of the jewellery industry for outstanding jewellery design in the Men category with the Snakebone ring, a novelty made from 18ct white and red gold, unisex in style for Men or Women. The inspiration of the design is taken from the anatomy of the snake,with the core being white gold and the red gold eyelet rings simulating a snakes motion as they move.

Furrer Jacot’s  master jewellers, gem setters, polishers and engravers play their role in a process that combines innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship, with each step carried out exclusively by hand and followed by careful inspection. A process that has remained the same for over 150 years!