When is a clock not a clock?

When it’s a work of art in its own right, Qlocktwo designs is revolutionising the way we see time. That’s a pretty heavy concept but stay with me, it’ll all make sense soon! Rather than being a science fiction plot its actually a pretty simple idea elegantly executed in a stunning design that you can take home with you to hang on your wall, sit on your desk or wear on your wrist. The idea is pretty simple, instead of looking to read the time from the position of analogue hands, Qlocktwo will display the time in plain English, or French, German, Chinese or any of the 22 other languages Qlocktwo is available in.

Every five minutes the illuminated written display changes over with each of the four minutes elapsing in-between represented by an illuminated dot in each corner. The Classic wall clock can be mounted either with no wires showing or with a colour co-ordinated lead to match in with your décor and setting the time is made easy with the Flashsetter app making sure your clock is perfectly accurate. The clean lines of the clock scream Germanic style and the versatility of the covers allows for it to blend in or stand out exactly to your taste. The covers are magnetically held in place and very simple to interchange if you decide to re-decorate, available in a variety of bright acrylic colours, stylish metal faces or the unique ‘Creators Edition’ covers available in iron, gold copper and more.

The watch editions are a fantastic adaptation of this innovative design allowing the same ease of use and undeniable style to be worn on your wrist, Qlocktwo has won over 30 international awards including the RedDot design award, IF design award and the Iconic Awards Innovative Interior to name just a few.