Encelade 1789: Luxury cufflinks for men

A clear philosophy: “To innovate, you have to break the rules.”

Because one day a child put his eye to a telescope;
because a family came together over a common project;
because to innovate, you have to break the rules; because no great genius
has ever existed without a touch of folly.
For all these reasons, the ENCELADE brand was born.
A major innovation inspired by the Universe, advanced technology, a patented design,and care worthy of the Haute Horlogerie Foundation.

The back Story

The story of Encelade-1789 starts with the family, and a very emotional connection. Two cousins from a haute horlogerie (expertise and history in watchmaking) background decided that the world of men’s accessories needed a welcome change. Their grandfather, who believed in them and encouraged them to explore new avenues very much took them off a beaten track.

The two cousins were looking for something innovative and executive with their focus very much on rotation…

And so Encelade-1789 was created. Its name is taken from one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus in English, which was discovered in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. The name encapsulates the concepts of rotation, non-conformity and the French origins of the company’s two founders.

Add the family connection, Swiss manufacture, patented designs, high-tech components using the smallest ball-bearings in the world, spectacular finishing and hand assembly, and it becomes clear how Encelade-1789’s cufflinks and writing instruments are able to borrow the conventions of haute horlogerie to inspire the ultimate accessories for today’s elegant man.

Dice Collection
Gyro Collection


“To innovate, you have to break the rules.”
On the strength of this philosophy, and strongly encouraged by the freewheeling and supportive family spirit, Encelade-1789 creates luxury accessories that are both innovative and exclusive. It is iconoclastic, and appeals to people whose existence is defined by emotional resonance and defiance of convention.

Skull Collection
Rotor Collection

The Products

The Dice Collection

The cufflinks from the Dice collection have an entirely gyroscopic movement (360° rotation) patented worldwide. Built with a minimum of 34 different components including 8 ball bearings used by the armament industry, these cufflinks are inspired from the field of high precision mechanics.

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The Gyro Collection

The two cousins who founded the ENCELADE brand each have their own gyroscope. It was this object, straight from their childhood, that led them to conceive and develop the first gyroscopic cufflink in the world (patented design), comprising 56 elements and no less than 12 ball bearings (a record).

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The Skull Collection

The skull is one of the most powerful symbols in human history, symbolizing the finiteness of life and wisdom.
A statement of non-conformity, the skull embodies the rebellious attitude of those who dare to be different.

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The Rotor Collection

Like the brand’s other collections, the ROTOR collection has 360° rotation. The design has been developed entirely in-house by the founding family and every component has been conceived, developed and manufactured uniquely for this collection.

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