Go your own way!

Bespoke design essentially puts you in the driving seat, you’re calling the shots, you’re not just choosing but designing. That pretty much means the choices are endless, you’re not restricted to the collections available in store or online. When people have a piece designed and made specially for them it’s often for a special occasion so of course it matters a lot, it becomes very personal, so we have spent a little time writing you some pointers so you know you’ll get it right.

Know what you want to achieve.

Having an idea of the type of jewellery and the potential style is a great starting point and allows us to get a good idea of what you expect from your jewellery. Any form of creative project needs a clear vision of a finished result and jewellery is no different, we can make pretty much anything, we just need an indication of where you want to go with it! Our first consultation with you will centre around these ideas so we can get a feel for you and the kind of jewellery you enjoy before we start to introduce our ideas to the mix. From here we can produce a CAD (Computer Aided Design) image to give a clear, representative idea of how the finished piece will look!


Know who you are working with

It stands to reason that whoever makes this important, sentimental piece of jewellery for you (hopefully us!), you will want to know you’re in safe hands. Most manufacturing jewellers will have some experience in this field and it’s important to choose a jeweller who has a high standard in the quality of their work. One of the best ways to do this is to see the quality of pieces they’ve already made, read reviews of their work and of course personal recommendations go a long way. We believe our catalogue of work speaks for itself, we’ve made bespoke design such a big part of our business it really is one of our specialities.

Value for money, not a race to the bottom.

One of the first myths you’ll hear about bespoke is that it’s inherently expensive, this isn’t necessarily the case. The only difference between bespoke and ‘off the peg’ jewellery is that you are in the driving seat. The method of manufacturing is often the same or very similar, the design isn’t adding much to the cost as even an ‘off the peg’ piece will still have to be designed before it’s made. The differences you will find are usually down to the material cost, making a heavier ring for example, will be more expensive than its lighter cousin. Cost will also be wrapped up in the quality of said materials and this is why sometimes the cheapest option is not necessarily the best. We will always strive to offer you the very best value for money we can without sacrificing the quality of the materials we are working with or the quality of the work itself. Our reasoning is simple, it doesn’t matter how cheap the job is, if the result is not to your standard or expectations you will not be happy, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Simple as that.

Have fun with it!

We really can’t stress this enough, jewellery is a celebration. It’s a special and often deeply personal treasure that’s usually associated with a special time in your life. We use jewellery to mark the milestones and memories that make our lives so wonderful, that’s one of the most amazing things about what we do. With that in mind, when your designing your jewellery with us, don’t hold back! If it’s important to you then let’s incorporate it into your jewellery! Show the whole world with a bold, overt design or keep it as a secret just for you with a subtle motif or engraving, it’s entirely up to you! That’s the beauty of bespoke design, there’s almost nothing you can’t do, the options are virtually limitless!