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Henry D Johnstone

18ct yellow & white gold 5.5mm wedding band - Brush & polish finish.

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Introducing the 18ct Yellow & White Gold Two Tone Double Recessed 5.5mm Band, a versatile and stylish wedding ring. This band features a unique two-tone design, combining the classic appeal of 18ct yellow gold with the modern elegance of 18ct white gold.

The 5.5mm width offers a substantial presence on the finger without being overly bulky. The double recessed detail adds a touch of sophistication, making it stand out while remaining timeless. This band is designed for both men and women, making it a versatile choice for any couple.

Crafted to the highest standards, this ring is durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. The high-quality materials ensure that the band maintains its lustre and beauty over time. The combination of yellow and white gold provides a unique contrast that enhances its visual appeal.

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