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Argenesi 'Canada' glass & silver carafe.

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 All Argenesi branded items are exclusively “Made in Italy” products, produced at the production plant in Padua. Argenesi Srl, thanks to its innovative technology called SilvanSputteringAg, is able to deposit pure 999 Silver on various materials, thus giving the product distinctive preciousness and elegance of the precious material. Unlike other Silver articles, Argenesi products do not have to be periodically polished to maintain their natural shine since the silver surface is previously treated so as not to oxidize, therefore they maintain their characteristics unchanged over time, without the need for particular maintenance . The silver surface must NOT remain in contact with liquids and/or food, as the oils or acids possibly contained inside them could damage the protection applied to silver causing its irreparable deterioration. DO NOT wash the products with detergents of any kind, DO NOT wash in the dishwasher, but only use a cloth moistened with water, and dry immediately. Argenesi products have been designed for a mainly decorative, non-gastronomic use.

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