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Henry D Johnstone

Black diamond 8.0mm titanium reverse inlay band - Polished Finish.

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One black diamond 8.0mm titanium reverse inlay flat band with bevelled edged in a matt finish.


After your order is placed, we will confirm your order by email.

Email us at and let us know what finger size is needed and we will start making your ring.  Most rings take about 3-5 weeks to complete but some can take longer. 


BLACK DIAMOND rings are solid diamond, engineered using advanced research & technology.

More enduring than titanium & four times harder than tungsten or ceramic. Cannot be scratched, except by another diamond. Quite simply they will outlast every other available material.

Millions of diamond particles are subjected to intense heat and vast pressure. Under these conditions, the diamond particles grow together and create a solid diamond ring.

Product code: 17467