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QLOCKTWO Earth 45 Creators Edition Clock RAW IRON

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The EARTH is a tribute to the unique cultural heritage of time and our planet. It displays the 24 hours of a day on a word matrix in the languages of our world.

The 45 x 45 cm EARTH 45, whether on the wall or in the stand, gives any room a unique, noble ambience. The time objects are timeless aesthetics and set a special accent in any room.

The QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RAW IRON made of raw steel adds a bit of rock ‘n‘ roll to your house

Every front cover is one of a kind. Its colour varies from deep black to blue and anthracite. The varying colours of the material are the result of the thermal processing of the surface.

The typographic font combines the moment with the written word and makes a statement: “IT IS QUARTER PAST SEVEN.” The words change in five minute increments, with four small, illuminated corner points displaying the minutes in between. QLOCKTWO EARTH appears to float elegantly when wall mounted and if the power connection is visible a coloured textile cable can be added for an additional design element.

The front cover, is held in place by magnets, making it easily changed at any time. Sensors adjust the light automatically to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. Also, there is an option for manual brightness adjustment.

QLOCKTWO EARTH 45 is delivered in the selected language. To display time in another language, you simply need the respective front cover, which is available as an accessory. QLOCKTWO EARTH is available in more than 23 languages.

ATTENTION: This surface is only suitable for wall mounting or with the QLOCKTWO freestanding STAND, which can be purchased separately.

Please note: For Arabic language version, front covers can only be changed within the same language.



• A light sensor enables the brightness of the LEDs to adjust automatically to the ambient light conditions. The luminosity can also be set manually

FLASHSETTER APP – download able from App stores

• With the QLOCKTWO FLASHSETTER it is even easier to set your QLOCKTWO EARTH 45. Alternatively, the time can also be set manually